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Many of you have asked about commission horses, so this is the first commission enrolment also in English! The enrolment day is 29.6.2019, so please don’t sent the form before that day. 

Shortly: The price is 250€ + shipping, which includes filling and a stick. This is the price for almost any kind of horse, also a simple pinto. If you want some equipment for the horse or the horse has a very complex color, please ask the price. Shipping cost depends on where you live, for example to Sweden it costs 30€.

I will choose few orders for enrolments to the queue. I will inform on my websites and instagram when I have sent the email for those, who got the place. I will make horses from April to July. Please write in the form if the horse must be ready for some specific day (birthday, Finnish Hobbyhorse Championships…). Otherwise I will give the estimated production time.

And there are the rules: You must have your parents’ permission for ordering if you are underage. The order is binding agreement, so you can’t change or cancel it. When the horse is ready, it must be paid within a week to my bank account or in Pay Pal. 

The form for ordering can be found below. Behind the links you can find some materials for horses, but they are not updated. Please ask if you have some ideas for example the color of the horse!
Picture of the horse (if you have):
Features (horses color, manes color and length, markings…):
Else (equipment etc?):
Your hobbyhorse instragram (if you have):
Please send the form to my e-mail 29.6.2019. If you have something to ask, feel free to send email any time!

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